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All our instructors are trained by LANCE himself, who has achieved a 100% pass rate in DSA assessments ( which only 1% of instructors can claim to have achieved).

LANCE instructor trainees have a pass rate of over 90% - over 3 times the National Average of 25%! So while most instructor trainees don't pass with the others - they do with LANCE!

We are always looking for the best people to expand our team! We will only train people that will be working for LANCE School of Motoring and we always select the best!

Talk to LANCE in person about the training on 07721 011931 or fill in your contact details below and we'll give you a call back

Cost of the training

Most of the training can be "pay as you go" based on an hourly rate of £40 per hour.

An estimate can be found below:

  • Set up fee and Part 1 training ( including all learning materials) £500
  • this is the only sum we ask for upfront
  • estimated cost of Part 2 (based on 15 hours of training) £600
  • estimated cost of Part 3 (based on 40 hours of training) £1800
  • Estimated TOTAL COST £1,875

    Compare this with the A.A whose estimate cost is £2,600 and RED's at £2995.

    Also bear in mind that you are 3x more likely to qualify with us!!

    Train with the best - LANCE SOM!

    What does the training entail?

    PART 1 (The Theory Examination and Hazard Perception Test)

    The major part of the Perception test involves home study, but you will get all the feedback and advice you need from LANCE. The test calls for a high standard of knowledge and is a single test of 100 questions on all aspects of driving and road safety. The overall passmark is 85%, however, you must reach a minimum mark of 80% in each of the four areas the test is split into. In addition you must score at least 57 out of 75 in the Hazard Perception Test. Both parts must be passed together

    PART 2 (Test of Advanced Driving Ability)

    Once PART 1 is passed you will start your advanced driving lessons with LANCE on a one-to-one basis. He will train you in the highest standard and make sure that you're ready with a series of mock exams and expert tuition.

    The standard of competence required is much higher than the L test and the routes more complex, including motorway driving. There can be NO serious faults and only 6 minor faults are allowed. You are only allowed 3 attempts. If you fail all three you must wait 2 years from the date of passing PART 1 to reapply for the process.

    PART 3 (your ability to instruct)

    In our opinion this is the most important and the most difficult part of the process.

    The test consists of 2 phases where a supervising examiner will "role play" a pupil and you are required to give 2 different lessons based on topics chosen by the examiner.

    LANCE is an expert in this form of role play and your tuition will be tailor-made for this part. This becomes even more important as you are only allowed 3 attempts at the exam - if you fail you must wait 2 years from the date of passing PART 1 to reapply for the process.


    You can only be accepted on the course after a phone interview with LANCE 07721 011931.

    It is our aim to only select the best people as you will be working under our banner and our reputation is important to us. Unlike some other companies we do not aim to make a fast sum of money but to invest in you as a person as we look to expand our company.


    Our current expert instructors are young, friendly, intelligent and professional people, most of whom passed their L test with LANCE and then themselves decided they wanted a career teaching driving themselves. COULD THIS BE YOU?

    Joining LANCE will give you a rewarding career helping pupils fulfil their dreams. We are looking for people with good teaching and communication skills, a sense of humour, patience and the ability to create a rapport with our pupils.

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